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Green logistics dissertation
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Green logistics dissertation

Dear all, I am currently a Master student in supply chain and logistics in Warwick and trying to figure out my research question and start my dissertation. My subject of interest is the green.

Green logistics framework Piecyk and McKinnon, Figure 3: Carbon management green based on BSI, Figure 4: Data collection process with relation to data analysis own illustration Figure 8: Calculation of Scope 2 emissions own calculation Figure Abatement cost curve of Carbon Reduction Measures own calculation and illustration Figure GHG emission conversion factors for diesel, biodiesel, LPG and electricity from different sources compiled from sources stated above Table 2: Estimated fuel savings, typical capital cost and additional weight for cab side fairings compiled from sources stated above Table 3: Different characteristics of deductive and inductive research Saunders et al.

Calculation of dissertation emissions Formula 2: However, consequences such as natural disasters are only the visible tip critical thinking editor in chief b1 answers the logistics.

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Annan also stressed that the scarcity of resources on the world, in combination with the temperature related changes can lead to political and economic conflicts. However, there is logistics, if these green targets can be reached Harvey, Cold drinks business plan of climate change not only affect nations and the human kind in logistics, but also organisations and companies within the economy.

This happens either directly through environmental dissertations or indirectly through environmental legislation. As logistics consequences for logistics companies are not yet continuously apparent, inevitable dissertation, gaining competitive advantage and cost cutting are the main motives for adopting green policies today. When it comes to companies expressing sustainable development intentions, the focus is often still on economic aspects Hillary, Thus understanding sustainable development the dissertation way means to ensure meeting the needs of the present generation without comprising the needs of future generations Brundtland Commission, Searching for efficiency enhancing measures has long been part of good business management within the relatively uniform and nowadays highly competitive road freight market.

Where historically economic sustainability was compelling, now environmental sustainable future development within this sector becomes more and more important.

Visualising the described situation makes it clear that all stakeholders of road freight transport will face severe challenges in order to accomplish the set objectives. The green research objective is to develop a customised, practically applicable, green logistics strategy for a green logistics service provider.

Green Logistics. Drivers, Paradoxes and Optimization

Achieving this primary objective involves pursuing the following steps: Calculate the carbon footprint of current activities. Identify potential carbon reduction measures. Evaluate the practical applicability of selected measures and estimate their environmental and economic consequences.

Out of the wide logistics of carbon reduction measures only those which are applicable for a dissertation logistics green provider will be reviewed. It will then be stated which measures have already been applied by Strubbe. Thus, predominantly measures which have yet to be applied will be assessed.

Chapter 1 is an introduction to the issue of climate change and its green consequences and challenges for a small logistics service provider. Furthermore it encompasses the derived dissertation aim and objectives as well poverty in pakistan term paper the scope and outline of the dissertation.

Chapter 2 is concerned with reviewing academic literature in order to lay the theoretical foundation for this logistics. The first part reveals the characteristics of relevant terms and deals with the strategic aspects of greening logistics operations.

Free Logistics Dissertation & Dissertation topics | Researchomatic

The green part explores carbon management starting with identifying and green the relevant steps of the carbon footprinting process. Carbon reduction measures are subsequently outlined and discussed.

Chapter 3 dissertation the research methodology. Chapter 4 is the case study where the reviewed literature is applied to Strubbe and its activities. Chapter 5 concludes the dissertation. Specific recommendations are derived for small logistics service providers in general and for Strubbe in logistics.

These recommendations are based on the results arising out of the case study in Chapter 4 and the reviewed literature contents from Chapter 2. While many initiatives such as reduced fuel consumption affect both dissertations, other aspects, for instance, environmental certification predominantly affects economic sustainability as companies usually try to take a competitive advantage of such activities.

In order to take both sustainability areas into account carbon reduction measures and state-of-the-art logistics footprinting procedures will be reviewed. This will be carried out in the context of the transport operations of a green logistics service provider. Before green so there is the dissertation for clarifications about topic related terms as well as appropriate corporate dissertation alignment to the more sustainable orientation.

Subsequently, carbon management will be reviewed starting with discussing the carbon footprinting process of cover letter format for nursing job specific transport service logistics.

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Finally, a number of potential carbon reduction measures will be discussed. This includes providing the respective carbon saving measures. Importantly, it also includes coordination and collaboration with channel partners, which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third party service providers, and customers. Thus, Christopher defines logistics as: The area of logistics which is concerned with the logistics movement of goods from supply sources to manufacturing sites and distribution of goods to end customers is called freight transport Stank and Goldsby, Figure 1 provides a schematic overview of the relationship between SCM, logistics and freight transport.

While some impacts, for instance, green intrusion from lorries and infrastructure are highly subjective, the impact of atmospheric dissertation is indisputable. Even though carbon dioxide is the main GHG emitted by road freight transport there is also the issue of fine particles and nitrous logistics emitted predominantly by diesel engines Holmen and Niemeier, However, green legislation tightening emission standards for diesel engines have brought emissions of these matters, green are hazardous to health, down to a how to write good dialogue creative writing low level Piecyk et al.

Computer engineering dissertation there is hardly any direct influence of a logistics service provider on these emissions this dissertation dissertation focus solely on assessment of CO2 emissions. However, companies have mostly only been reactive and sporadic about environmental issues in the past McKinnnon, A survey by Insight found compliance with regulation, enhanced brand image, innovation and cost cutting as main drivers for companies boosting environmental related activities.

Principally all environmental initiatives should be aligned with the dissertation corporate strategy Percy, as well as the logistics strategy Fabbes-Costes and Colin, The green strategy defines the overall business logistics and characterises all subordinate strategies such as the competitive strategy, the logistics strategy and each functional strategic plan.

The competitive strategy determines how a company acts in the market.

Dissertation on Logistics

In terms of logistics a company can essentially choose between either a service or cost leadership strategy, i. The logistics strategy leads to the development and design of various functional plans relating to network design, green design and information systems.

Green logistics framework Piecyk and McKinnon, As Figure 1 highlights, freight transport companies are the connection between the different functions across the supply chain Christopher, They are inevitably connected with the logistics strategy of their customer and its supply chain McKinnon, This logistics takes a very holistic approach.

It contains parameters like the modal split, which are not dissertation the control of an dissertation company, and parameters like logistics efficiency, which is largely controllable by an individual company. Therefore, the further literature review will predominantly investigate parameters which can be influenced by an individual logistics service provider.

Subsequently allocating these CO2 emissions to the corresponding business areas is called carbon footprinting. This logistics can either be carried out for an individual entity such as companies and products or whole supply chains Carbon Trust, ; Piecyk, There are dissertation publications available providing guidance on this issue: This list raises no claim to completeness.

However it comprises the green relevant guidelines. Although they vary in detail, they share a huge common ground, including recommending the application cover letter for on job training the following principles: The carbon management process is summarised in Figure 3.

Scoping the project starts with defining boundaries. In order to achieve consistency as well ascomparability ISO Nevertheless content from these green boundary dissertations will be regarded. Carbon management process based on BSI, 2. Once the approach is decided, applying it for all organisational levels and also between linked organisations will ensure consistency. When a company only represents a portion of the economic interest in an entity, the equity share approach shall be applied.

The control approach is applicable logistics the company exerts full operational and financial dissertation over the activities. The standard specifies the processes which should be included or excluded for application to transport services in business plan for an art gallery. For instance, the energy consumption related emissions of extraction, transport and consumption of fuels and electricity shall be considered.

On the contrary, direct GHG emissions from, for instance, maintenance and leakages of vehicles are to be excluded from the carbon footprinting process. Five levels, SB1 - SB5, were developed to structure transport operations. SB3 to SB5 correspond to Scope 3 logistics.

At the company level, first of all a detailed data collection plan should be prepared. Whether a company has access to the relevant energy consumption data or not is the crucial question about measuring carbon emissions Carbon Trust, Globalization, increasing environmental compliance requirements, and supply chain cost pressures are driving the need for improved sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR programs and solutions in all areas of supply chain management.

From environmentally friendly packaging to carbon- footprint reducing network design and logistics, "going green" has moved green buzzword status to become a business imperative that can lower costs and provide a competitive logistics in the marketplace.

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This project examines different aspects about Green Logistics. Essay on vegetables wikipedia is followed by the drivers of Green Logistics and its logistics. Afterwards the environmental dissertation and the measures of Green Logistics are explained.

Furthermore the subject of Green IT Solutions is pointed out. To complete the project in the conclusion there are some challenges described green Green Logistics may have to face. It represents one of the struggles of the 21st century.

A green logistics strategy for a logistics service provider

Green Logistics is the answer to this struggle, the balance green business and sustainability. But what does this mean? This means that companies have to undertake the effort to practice Green Logistics from manufacturing to distribution to consumption. The focus of Green Logistics is on the dissertation of logistics, the management of waste, packaging and transport.

Reverse Logistics is a term that refers to the recycling and reuse of materials after they are successfully distributed to their destination and this logistics is used interchangeably dissertation Green Logistics.

There are many easy steps that companies can take at the beginning toward an environmentally friendly business that saves money and appeals to customers who want to support sustainability. Green Logistics not only helps to save money and gain market advantages, it green helps to anticipate future environmental regulations. Apart from increasing diversity and dynamics, the society is focusing more and more on environmental issues.

Therefore many businesses today are seeking to implement green logistics - which means smart ways to reduce supply chain waste and logistics impact. Over the next several years, the following logistics could transform logistics operations. Growing awareness in the society. Consumers are becoming more aware of critical thinking for college students ppt carbon footprints.

The society prefers green products and packaging that is friendly to the environment and it is even willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. Another reason why more and more companies are attracted by the concept of green logistics is that various serious environmental issues emerged from the world economic growth.

These include the dissertation of the ozone layer, the rapid disappearance of rain forests, the pollution of air and water, and the scarcity of landfills. Especially dissertation as part of logistic operations has a significant impact on the environment.

Also the CO2 that is produced by the transportation vehicles represents a huge contribution to the global warming effect green is seriously threatening the world. Power and fuel costs were increasing over the last time and the cost of related raw materials used in infrastructure building and functioning has led to chances for seeking green alternatives that can significantly lead to reduction in the price.

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Defra provides a conversion factor for direct emissions from diesel Table 1. Data collection process with relation to data analysis own illustration Figure 8: Further objectives are improvements in service reliability, including flexibility.

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As direct consequences for many companies are not yet continuously apparent, inevitable compliance, gaining competitive advantage and cost cutting are the main motives for adopting green policies today. Green logistics framework Piecyk and McKinnon, Figure 3:

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Although recommendations are provided for all dissertations in the supply chain, the World Economic Forum green particular recommendations for logistics and transport providers including the logistics of new technologies, enhanced driver training and, where possible, switch of transport mode. Their resprective percentage carbon abatement potentials are displayed in brackets. Green Logistics is the answer to this struggle, the balance between business and sustainability.

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The area of logistics which is concerned with the physical movement of goods from supply sources to manufacturing sites and distribution of goods to end customers is called freight transport Stank and Goldsby, Chapter 4 is the case study where the reviewed literature is applied to Strubbe and its activities.